Pet head has a range of dog grooming products for all occasions, and came to us with curiosity and tenacity- why shouldn’t dogs get the premium grooming experience?

We found that consumers view their cat or dog as a real family member (not just a pet); demand for ‘humanised’ pet products has skyrocketed as consumers seek to close the gap between man & pup. Let our dogs smell as good as us, we say.

We targeted trendy, fun-loving professionals aged 25-34 who truly see their Fido as part of their families, developing the “Bounding Love” proposition to reflect the strong relationship between man and canine- supported by a passionate, adventurous & playful personality. The logo, colours & product names were refreshed to stand out on shelf and champion its energetic, natural cleaning capabilities; while vivacious ingredient illustrations
communicated its brand identity.


“Working with Family (and friends) was an absolute pleasure throughout the entire rebrand journey. They truly understand brands and consumers, they listened to our vision and their inputs were invaluable.”

Liliana Saraiva – Global Senior
Brand Manager | Pet Head
Company of Animals


The rebrand was transformational for the brand and increased market share in the UK by over 30%. Pethead gained over 2500 retail listings in the first year of launch, with its revenue growing by over 116% globally, enjoying an average Net Promoter Score of 81.5% between the UK and the US, its 2 largest markets.