Since 1977, this Irish whole foods brand has been dedicated to the concept of healthy, tasty and nutritious food. 

But the forward thinking and pioneering nature of the brand had been lost to consumers over time; many new brands entering the local market had leap-frogged their position.

Our job was to help create an impactful and iconic identity for the range, built upon the brand's proposition of ‘Nourish to Flourish’ - that good food helps us get the best out of life.

The new packaging is dominated by an explosive interpretation of natural vitality. Beyond that, simplicity of design and messaging was key, echoing the brand's philosophy of ‘allowing nature to do what nature does’.

The solution also brought about the addition of a new on-pack brand line emphasising heritage and wholesomeness.

Brand positioning
Brand identity
Range architecture
Packaging system



The new brand look researched well with both existing consumers and new audiences.

The packaging range has been well received by retailers and multiples across Ireland.