Get More is a range of fruit-flavoured waters – all with the added benefit of getting your vitamins on-the-go.

Since its launch in 2012, Get More has established itself as a leading brand in grocery for vitamin enriched products. This innovative brand has gone from strength to strength, gaining listings in the major multiples and independent stores across the UK and Ireland, not to mention selling more than 10 million bottles to date.

However, despite the huge product success, the brand packaging was not working hard enough on shelf to sell itself.

We partnered with the Get More founders to refine the name, adding ‘Vits’ to clearly define the offer and to redesign the range - focusing the attention on promoting the key benefits in a clear hierarchy.

Impactful, bright packaging promotes each of the product’s flavours while the Venn diagram influenced theme suggests the brand’s ‘food science’ approach to drinking.



“We just Got More Stylish! We are excited to launch our new design bottle on to the shelves of over 5,000 UK retail outlets nationwide,”

Chris Arrigoni, co-founder at Get More Vits.


The range