Varo’s mission is to ‘bring the taste and spread the word’ for West African cuisine, aiming to appeal to a wide audience of world food lovers beyond an African diaspora.

Fueled by their passion for West African foods and the dynamic wave of trade happening across Africa’s most populous region, Varo has sourced the best quality ingredients and has faithfully followed traditional recipes - providing an authentic taste of home cooking and an unforgettable culinary experience.

We worked with Varo to uncover the special differences of the brand. A new positioning was developed around the concept of ‘Nigeria’s Food Ambassador’ – uniquely bringing the authentic taste of Africa to the world in a convenient format.

The packaging reveals a newly devised strapline, “Come Home To…” both Varo and Nigerian dishes, along with bright, bold graphics that are inspired by African prints and traditional ways to serve the product.

  • Brand positioning 
  • Brand line creation 
  • Packaging design 
  • Copywriting 
  • Brand guidance


Within the first 5 months (June - November 2014), revenues for the company increased by 400% and are continuing to climb.
Varo Jollof Rice has been listed in Tesco and ASDA, attracting immediate attention.

With many thanks to our friend Jenn Connor for giving us this lead and partnering on the strategy development.

Howard Shooter for photography

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