Entrepreneur and founder Olivia Wollenberg’s mission is “to change the face of confectionery”, by rivaling the mainstream players with her fun range of vegan and naturally free-from sweet treats.

The brand has had much success with female consumers, but the brand and messaging were lacking excitement, not appealing to the wider target of consumers looking for that sweet-spot between healthy and fun.

Our strategy to widen the target was to create an irresistible, mainstream appeal, moving the brand away from it’s original, small-scale philosophy. We recommended dropping ‘Kitchen’ from the name to move the brand to a bigger and more confident ‘Livia’s’, with stronger sub-branding, following confectionery category cues.

The new design has given Livia’s iconic apron much more character and the whole range looks more exciting and joyful - a much closer reflection of Livia herself and her moreish treats.


"I thoroughly enjoyed working with F&F from day one. They truly took the time to get to know me, my team and what my company was all about. They are true experts in the food FMCG world, and they very quickly understood what I wanted to achieve from a re-brand. 

They were sensitive to the fact that I wanted some elements of our branding to remain the same, and they were always able to bring new ideas to the table on how things could stay the same but show true evolution at the same time."

Olivia Wollenberg,